our story

Mermaids Downunder was born and inspired in Kalbarri, where the desert meets the sea, where rugged, solitary coastline is our backyard and pristine majestic waters surround us. 

Our products are different because of our attitude and experience. Designed and tested in the extreme elements of North-Western Australia to guarantee performance, Mermaids Down Under is the ultimate women's adventure brand. Each of our designs are focused on performing in diverse situations including surfing reef breaks, free diving, spearfishing, wake boarding...  anything which involves staying salty.


A little while ago, the initial concept was created by Krystle Westwood - an ocean lover who lives to 'Stay Salty'. Growing up in various coastal towns along East Coast of Australia, she has always loved to travel, adventure & explore. After extensively travelling the world, Krystle felt it was time to explore her own beautiful country. Complete with 17 foot caravan, 4WD & tinny on the roof, the adventure begun. She never made it past Western Australia.






Stay Salty